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Your backdrop: the beautiful

Thames River. 



Halcyon Thames Studio

The studio is located in Dorchester, waterfront, on the beautiful Thames River. Stepping inside is like being in a tree house, suspended over the water. 

Close your eyes and take in all of the sounds of nature. Let your worries and stress drift away.

Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) Member

I am currently certified as a CRA Reiki Student, and I'm currently in the process of attaining Usui Reiki III. Following the completion of the course, I will be upgrading my CRA membership to Reiki Practitioner.

I plan to attain my CRA Animal Reiki Practitioner certification by Fall 2017.


doTERRA® Wellness Advocate

As a doTERRA® Wellness Advocate, I can see that the introduction of essential oils beautifully  compliments Reiki and promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Visit my website and shop for doTERRA® oils by clicking this link: Halcyon Thames doTERRA

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"Reiki is love,

 Love is wellness,

 Wholeness is balance,

 Balance is wellbeing."

    - Dr. Mikao Usui


Halcyon Thames Studio

Dorchester, Ontario, Canada